Vote Today! NSW Men's Health Awards Shortlist

There are six shortlisted nominations for the 2019 NSW Men's Health Awards. You have until Sunday 2nd June to cast your vote.

The nominations for NSW are listed below and you can cast your vote now using this online voting form.

During Men’s Health Week, on Tuesday 11th June 2019, we'll be in Sydney to announce the winner of the NSW Men's Health Awards for 2019 and publishing our report card on the State of Men's Health in NSW.

You can book a free place to join us in Sydney at 3pm on Tuesday 11th June, but before you do, be sure to cast your vote for one of the nominees listed below:


The Banksia Project is a start-up not-for-profit organisation that focuses on men’s mental health wellbeing. Launched in 2015, one of its key offerings is its Growth Room peer-to-peer support model, which has been designed by mental health professionals.

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

Banksia’s programs are run by men for men. They host larger scale events, usually focused on discussions about men’s mental health, which attract audiences of around 300 people. These events help to attract participants for Banksia’s monthly peer-to-peer support groups.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

Participants are given a safe space once a month, where the same 10 men meet up to support and connect with one another, whilst learning practical tools that will improve their wellbeing. Banksia also trains men in the community to facilitate these programs and support their group. Banksia evaluates the success of its groups by measuring increases in men’s happiness, social connection and support; coping skills and life purpose. In the last 12 months we have secured an ongoing partnership with Medibank, iCare and recently received its first significant funding from the Federal Government.



Men In Flight is a 12-week program, including a 4-day adventure retreat, targeting men of working age with symptoms of depression, anxiety or stress. It has been developed by The Fly Program, which focuses on early intervention, education and peer support for men in wilderness environments.

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

The Men In Flight program adventure therapy program involves experiential outdoor activities (including fly fishing, mountain biking, and hiking) and mental fitness workshops designed to challenge men and take them outside of their comfort zones. The program allows men to maintain masculine ideals such as independence and adventure, while developing a sense of belonging, reciprocity and comradery between men.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

The Fly Program undertook a 12-month research project with the University of Canberra, which studied the benefits of adventure therapy through the Men In Flight Program. This attracted international attention from world leading health professionals, universities, academics and research organisation and led to an invitation to present at the 8th World Adventure Therapy Conference in 2018. One participant in the research program said: ““I’m a lot more confident in dealing with my emotions going forward. …It is amazing that learning to fish a river with other men can teach you this”



The Hunter New England (HNE) Male Health Network is a program run by the HNE Local Health District and led by Ken McKenzie, the district’s Men’s Health Co-ordinator. It has over 300 registered members from dozens of government, non-government and community based organizations and services.

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

The Network is specifically focused on men’s health issues. It has identified 12 key men’s health issues it focuses on throughout the year. These include: accidental death and injury; mental health and wellbeing; lifestyle (e.g. diet etc); cancer; diabetes; lung diseases; sexual health and wellness; male suicide and fatherhood.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

Throughout the year members receive “Top Of The Month” posters and invites to monthly mini-forums. The network also runs an Annual Hunter New England Male Health Forum and Expo, which is now in its 8th year. The HNE Male Health Network combines a singular focus on men’s health with a huge diversity of knowledge and experience that its members bring to the Network. The Network’s activity has inspired services in the region to focus on men’s health. Examples include a monthly health forum held at the Newcastle Men’s Shed and the Lower Hunter Child & Family team providing a ‘Dads Pack’ to new dads.


MHERV (Men's Health Education Rural Van

MHERV is custom-built caravan with two consulting rooms and a dedicated registered nurse who travels around the state of New South Wales. It targets regional and rural men directly, offering free health screenings.

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

MHERV is staffed with a “blokey” male nurse and often targets male-friendly events. Tests are quick and simple and the outreach approach means men can “walk in” without appointment. MHERV tests for markers like blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar, which often don’t show any major symptoms or are prone to mis-self-diagnosis. 

What Impact Is The Project Making?

MHERV says that men many in rural areas rarely see a GP because they are too busy, there is no local GP or they just don’t feel sick, so don’t see the need. From  August 2017 to May 2019, MHERV has visited over 100 different sites and seen more than 5,000 people, nearly all of them men. Of these, more than half recorded raised health indicators, which required regular monitoring. Furthermore, 155 people were found to have a serious condition which required immediate medical attention.



Mr Perfect is is a mental health project that’s based on the principle that it’s okay for to be “Mr Perfect”. Mr Perfect describes itself as a grassroots, “pre-crisis” charity that encourages conversation and connection between men in a supportive and inclusive environment. It’s aim is “to create a judgment-free society for men and their mental health” 

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

Mr Perfect says that their Meetup BBQs across the country welcome men to attend in an open space which makes it less confronting, comfortable and accessible for men. They also provide support for men and their families through their online forums and online content. 

What Impact Is The Project Making?

Mr Perfect says the feedback they receive from attendees shows the model works. On attendee said: “I felt really comfortable coming along and meeting people. There were open conversations about depression and anxiety from the organisers in casual conversation before I even spoke; encouraging me to speak up without fear of judgement.” 



Professor Philip Morgan  is Co-director of the University of Newcastle’s Priority Research Centre in Physical Activity and Nutritrion. He has developed a suite of innovative health programs that engage men and their families. 

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

Phil and his team are working  to address the under-representation of men in weight loss research. Seven in ten of Australian males are overweight or obese. Programs like SHED-IT and Workplace POWER teach men the science of long term weight loss. A number of Phil’s programs target dads and help them manage their own weight and support their children to be healthier and more active. One program, Dads And Daughters Exercising and Empowered (DADEE), assists fathers to become more active, improve their parenting skills and improve their daughters self-esteem.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

Phil’s programs have directly impacted the health of over 1600 men and their families in the Hunter Region of NSW and led to international adaptations in four countries. The DADEE program has recently received $2.4m of NSW state government funding.  DADEE is also being delivered London in partnership with Women In Sport UK, the Fatherhood Institute-UK and Fulham Football Club.


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