Vote Today! SA Men's Health Awards Shortlist

There are three shortlisted nominations for the 2019 SA Men's Health Awards. You have until Sunday 2nd June to cast your vote.

The nominations for SA are listed below and you can cast your vote now using this online voting form.

During Men’s Health Week, on Thursday 13th June 2019, we'll be in Adelaide to announce the winner of the SA Men's Health Awards for 2019 and publishing our report card on the State of Men's Health in SA.

You can book a free place to join us in Adelaide  at 9.30am on Thursday 13th June, but before you be sure to cast your vote for one of the nominees listed below:



Anthony Hart is a men’s mental health advocate, with a clear focus on providing ‘early stage intervention tools’ people can use to help them better confront early signs of stress, anxiety and depression. Through Hart Wellbeing, he has developed the Lifeback Tracker App and delivered the Save Our Mates roadshow to 17 towns in South Australia.  

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

Hart Wellbeing says its services are male-friendly because they are non-threatening; use sensitive language in their branding and messaging; and are focused on early stage tools to halt escalating signs of stress, anxiety turning into a more serious illness.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

Hart Wellbeing delivered the ‘Save Our Mates’ Men’s Wellbeing Roadshow to nearly 1,000 people in 17 towns across the York Peninsula, Port Pirie, Port Augusta, Whyalla and Eyre Peninsula. They say their flagship tool, the Lifeback Tracker, uses “undisputed, universally proven principles”. The Lifeback Tracker, which covers four steps to better mind health, has received corporate backing and will be made available for free from August 2019. 



The Rite Journey is a year-long Rite of Passage Program delivered in school settings which works with around 5,000 young men every year. The curriculum follows 4 themes: Who am I really? How do I get on with others? Is there something more? What do I have to give?

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

The Rite Journey is facilitated in all boys’ classes by male teachers. The Rite Journey classroom is a safe environment for the boys and men to share their stories. The men undertake a two-day training program to offer them the skills, methodologies and processes that work best with males.

What Impact Is The Project Making?

Over the last 15 years over 40,000 young men have been through the program. The program uses a train the trainer model to train male teachers to facilitate their program in the their own school. The program is supplemented by a 180-page student journal and a 300-page Teacher Guidebook.

The Rite Journey is now being implemented in 100 schools throughout Australia, NZ, South Korea, Belgium, Mauritius and Curacao and has been approached by Flinders University to be a research partner in their The Sustainability of Effective Educational Research Project.



The Rotary Men’s Wellness Campaign is a travelling photographic exhibition of 30 men from across Eyre Peninsula that visited 10 towns. It aimed to highlight men’s mental health, educate and inform men about resources and services available, and work at removing the stigma around talking about mental health issues. This project was developed by West Coast Youth and Community Support in partnership with Mentally Fit EP (the project running the campaign).

What Makes This A Male-Friendly Project?

The campaign allowed isolated men to connect with an important message. Each host town held an opening night which consisted of male guest speakers sharing their stories, with beer and nibbles creating an informal atmosphere.  A brochure called Mentally Fit Bloke was created to provide men with information about services. The content was also turned into drink coasters to help reach out to men in pubs and sporting venues.

 What Impact Is The Project Making?

The team behind the project saw an increase in contacts from men across the region. They say the feedback from local communities, the demand for coasters from sporting clubs and pubs, the increase in helping seeking behaviours and the positive feedback from families across the region is a testament to the success of the campaign.




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