Mens Health Downunder (MHDU)

Mens Health Downunder (MHDU) was established in 2013 by Pharmacist Brad Butt out of Cooleman Court Pharmacy in Canberra to address the expansive gap that existed for Men post radical prostatectomy. The primary issues identified included: -a lack of education on what was implied by rehabilitation post-operatively -issues with compliance to prescribed regimens from the Urologist (in some instances no prescribed regimen for recovery) -an inability to access the medications and devices required -costly medications with minimal advice from the Doctor or pharmacist put men off -a general lack of health literacy (and embarrassment) meant that there was misinformation which jeopardised outcomes Today MHDU has evolved into a complete one stop clinic for all men with a range of urological issues - from prostate cancer, to ED, to incontinence, to Peyronie's Disease and the likes; you name it their clinical mens health pharmacists are across it. The Pharmacist led team recognises the need to operate as part of a wider healthcare team and liaise regularly with Canberra's multiple Urologists and GPs, prostate cancer nurses, incontinence nurses, mens health physiotherapists, psychologists and sexologists. This broad network of specialised practitioners has seen MHDU deliver consults to over 1000 men and their partners. With the continual growth in demand for the service, 2019 saw the Pharmacy offer an allocated fulltime pharmacist delivering Mens Health clinic services 7 days a week and to do this they employ 3 FTE specialised MHDU Pharmacists; Ben, Brad and Tim. MHDU now has consulted patients in Queensland, New South Wales, ACT, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia and hopes to continue the delivery of health outcomes and gold standard advice to more and more Men across this vast country. MHDU utilises videoconferencing and teleconferencing underpinned with the support of their website (which provides in depth information and also a shop) particularly for regional and remote areas as the services gap in these communities is even more pronounced. MHDU has also started a roll out of services into other community pharmacies in regional NSW (Bathurst, Forbes and Wagga Wagga) where the local pharmacists are being upskilled to deliver similar support and services. Beyond the continued delivery and roll out of services to these areas MHDU believes in sharing their knowledge with others in allied health and to this end the inaugural MDHU conference was held in March of this year and saw a number of well regarded keynote speakers talk about their Mens Health niche. MDHU believes that equity to specialised practitioners delivering the most current information, techniques and medications is vital to addressing the shortcomings of the healthcare system for Aussie Men; particularly when it comes to Mens Urological health; a taboo and often embarrassing or [inappropriately] lowly prioritised subject by so many within the healthcare system which can have so many flow through effects to other facets of their health - mentally and physically.

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