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    commented on Your Voice 2019-09-06 12:15:49 +1000
    I work in facilitating Men’s Support and Development Groups in Daylesford (Victoria) and surrounds.

    I wrote a free eBook “Being Male: seeking peace” (link provided) in the hope that it might give an overview to just some of the ways men can become more conscious and create a better life.

    Greg Govinda ( Inner Work 4 Men )

    commented on Your Voice 2019-06-21 16:20:08 +1000
    I’m a psychologist (retired) and have worked with men’s issues in the Department of Veterans Affairs, Relationships Australia and in my private practice for over thirty years.

    Is there a forum to put forward suggestions for trial initiatives?
    commented on Your Voice 2019-06-14 10:05:05 +1000
    Hi, l turned 59 in March and overall am looking forward to turning 60. Its only a number anyway. Unfortunately I hurt my back in 2017 and have been on workers comp since. Ive received nerve blocks then nerve burns, very recent, and the pain is far worse at times then when it first happened. But we soldier on, right. I feel that the most, and I hate using the word, DEPRESSING thing is the financial burden being hurt causes. I have 3 kids, all adults but my eldest and second daughters,37 and 35, don’t want to know me, and my son is the only one who sometimes cares. Its so disappointing after doing what I thought was right for my kids that they can hate me so much. I feel I should have been a lot harder on them but you always try to give your kids a better life than what you had, and thats what we did.

    My marriage is wonderful and I love my wife with every breathe I take. But is hard not to be upset sometimes. I go on the internet and try to find an online free non information giving site just to type and interact with someone I don’t know. No judging, just to listen. As an older man sometimes thats all we need as its difficult to share our inner feelings with our loved ones for looking weak and not being the man that we should be in there eyes. There’s a song I play along with sometimes “don’t let the old man in” by Toby Keith. My wife says when she hears it it reminds her of me. Is that sad ? Not sure….. Just thought I would sit here and type away for the first time to someone I don’t even know. It feels good :)

    commented on Your Voice 2019-05-29 23:20:13 +1000
    commented on Your Voice 2019-05-24 11:50:34 +1000
    Had a question about a libido issue that I’ve had ever since I tried cutting weight to the extreme because after I bulked back up issues that you might expect to have at a low bodyweight still showed up such a low libido, low energy, ext so I tried changing my diet and I went to an endocrinologist to get my hormones checked and everything was fine so what kind of doctor should I see next? And does anyone have any other advice?
    commented on Your Voice 2019-04-27 15:13:27 +1000
    I work in the social services sector in remote QLD. One issue we have in QLD is the lack of support for men. There is a Department for Women, which includes Child Safety and Youth. But there is no department supporting men, which means that I am limited in the funding I can obtain. I can obtain funding for men who are perpetrators but not victims of domestic and family violence. Violence is not just physical! I know quite a few men that have had suicidal thoughts because it would be better for their kids as their ex-partner is holding the children from them unless they pay for everything, or influencing their children that their father is a bad person and they don’t want to see their father because of this. I am unaware as to where they can report financial and psychological domestic violence. I am looking at developing questions to pose to men in community both at yarning sessions and work to try and gain data. The problem I have is I don’t know what questions to ask that will actually receive an honest answer. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    commented on Your Voice 2019-04-08 15:16:58 +1000
    Just another thought. The obscene accumulation of wealth at the top needs to be addressed. This wonderful planet we live on has enough resource to provide everyone with a roof of our heads a food in our tummy and it is every living person’s right to share everything equally. We are so lucky to be here and share in what our flying speck of dust can offer.
    commented on Your Voice 2019-04-08 15:09:16 +1000
    I am wondering whether we need to research the possibility of intergenerational trauma and its impact on males. I doubt whether there would be many of we males who have not had a wounded warrior or possibly warriors in our past. I have witnessed in my family the effects of war, in this case Vietnam. One man’s trauma becomes a family trauma with wide reaching effects on further generations of men … not precluding the effects on women. whether or not they have done ‘service’ in the armed forces or not … and their immediate families. There is a systemic problem here. We have got to stop fighting and supporting the ‘arms’ industry. What we spend fighting could raise the standard of living for all. Armies could be directed to public service …. global warming disasters will become more prevalent and immensely costly to our global economies. I am pretty sure a happy community with well resourced infastructure would find it difficult to access men willing to leave their families to fight wars in another country. Lets get our priorities adjusted to better suit our community wellbeing. Go fishing, barbie with family and friends, watch the footy … or just chill in contentment with your life’s lot. The choice would not be too difficult.
    commented on Your Voice 2019-04-04 10:27:53 +1000
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has done an analysis of the Budget from the perspective of men’s health. I expect there is nothing specifically targeting men as usual, however if this is the case then it needs to be called out. Men’s health will never receive equal consideration to women’s health until men demand it. Personally men’s issues are now the number one issue that will be influencing my vote at the Federal election. I wonder how many other men are waking up to the systemic discrimination against men in the health system.
    commented on Your Voice 2019-04-03 13:46:44 +1000
    Living longer, living happier and being healthier are key goals as we age. Maintaining physical, mental and social activity is the way to achieve them.

    “Life: get amongst it” is a web site devoted to showing people what they can do in retirement.

    It demonstrates (using video) a variety of activities from volunteering at a zoo or on heritage projects, to learning sculpture and even tap dancing. The videos encourage men and women of retirement age to take steps towards getting or remaining active. The web address is
    commented on Your Voice 2019-03-18 02:20:11 +1000
    Now that we have exported a terrorist to New Zealand, perhaps we could help solve thia widespread international problem by looking to the wisdom of a great man in indonesia for help:
    commented on Your Voice 2019-02-21 10:43:11 +1000
    I have suffered depression in the past and this song has come out of my personal experiences. A friend of mine said it may be of interest to others as a way of helping men open up about their inner feelings. I made a light hearted video to counter the deep meaning of the song. You may be interested to have a look and listen. Cheers. Chris.
    commented on Your Voice 2019-02-19 02:54:12 +1000
    The health of men is actually important most men get unhealthy as a result of addictions and others i for one i have been through it for some time now ive been studying on the importance of IBOGAIN and it has been of help tremendously i just need a plat form to share its importance and right form of medication.Several men might be scared to expose their addictions you can contact me on my website if important . (
    commented on Your Voice 2019-02-19 02:44:53 +1000
    The health of men is actually important most men get unhealthy as a result of addictions and others i for one i have been through it for some time now ive been studying on the importance of IBOGAIN and it has been of help tremendously i just need a plat form to share its importance and right form of medication
    commented on Your Voice 2019-02-06 11:00:58 +1000
    Thank you for the fact sheets. I will study the info and pass it on.
    commented on Your Voice 2018-10-30 15:03:14 +1000
    Please Check my Live Facebook Videos To Help men with Depression and Addiction
    commented on Your Voice 2018-10-10 21:18:58 +1000
    Hi I wish to introduce myself
    commented on Your Voice 2018-10-06 14:36:09 +1000

    I live in the island state of Tasmania Australia

    and recently attended one of your workshops in Campbelltown in the north of our state Working Together To Prevent Male Suicide.
    I have had a look over your website since the workshop and there is an area that I felt was important to bring to your notice that isn’t represented or perhaps not openly represented, in the light of the current escalating global relationship crisis of sexual atrocities.

    It is a voice for men and males yes, in a positive light. However, the shadow side of the male does need to be exposed as part of the information available, as it currently hidden here.

    I would like to suggest an idea to additionally make visible. To represent what rape, male sexual misconduct to both men and women and use of pornography etc. etc. by men means, and how this affects their entire community on your site.

    These are areas where men’s health and

    wellness and social wellbeing and relationship harmony and balance in their intimate relationships are key factors to be addressed.

    The lack of any female representatives on your entire website is also noteworthy. It shows to me in my area

    of professional expertise and experience that a part is cut off, is it too ugly to bring out into the light of day.

    As a peak organisation representing Australian men I wonder if this is healthy?

    The workshop was very informative and Glen Poole was very genuine and openly shared a lot about his own personal experience many colleagues I spoke with who attended the workshop, both men and women

    found it very helpful and engaging as well as a wealth of resources to add to the tool kit.

    Thank you.