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    commented on Your Voice 2019-02-19 02:44:53 +1000
    The health of men is actually important most men get unhealthy as a result of addictions and others i for one i have been through it for some time now ive been studying on the importance of IBOGAIN and it has been of help tremendously i just need a plat form to share its importance and right form of medication
    commented on Your Voice 2019-02-06 11:00:58 +1000
    Thank you for the fact sheets. I will study the info and pass it on.
    commented on Your Voice 2018-10-30 15:03:14 +1000
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    commented on Your Voice 2018-10-10 21:18:58 +1000
    Hi I wish to introduce myself
    commented on Your Voice 2018-10-06 14:36:09 +1000

    I live in the island state of Tasmania Australia

    and recently attended one of your workshops in Campbelltown in the north of our state Working Together To Prevent Male Suicide.
    I have had a look over your website since the workshop and there is an area that I felt was important to bring to your notice that isn’t represented or perhaps not openly represented, in the light of the current escalating global relationship crisis of sexual atrocities.

    It is a voice for men and males yes, in a positive light. However, the shadow side of the male does need to be exposed as part of the information available, as it currently hidden here.

    I would like to suggest an idea to additionally make visible. To represent what rape, male sexual misconduct to both men and women and use of pornography etc. etc. by men means, and how this affects their entire community on your site.

    These are areas where men’s health and

    wellness and social wellbeing and relationship harmony and balance in their intimate relationships are key factors to be addressed.

    The lack of any female representatives on your entire website is also noteworthy. It shows to me in my area

    of professional expertise and experience that a part is cut off, is it too ugly to bring out into the light of day.

    As a peak organisation representing Australian men I wonder if this is healthy?

    The workshop was very informative and Glen Poole was very genuine and openly shared a lot about his own personal experience many colleagues I spoke with who attended the workshop, both men and women

    found it very helpful and engaging as well as a wealth of resources to add to the tool kit.

    Thank you.