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Preventing Male Suicide

Preventing male suicide is a major focus of AMHF.  The links in the right column take you to three valuable resources.

There are also four links to the broader issue of male health in Australia.

Welcome to the website of the Australian Men’s Health Forum.

We are the national body supporting a social view of men. In fact, we support a social view of everybody!

This doesn’t mean we ignore the biological and genetic factors influencing men’s health, nor do we ignore the behavioural factors. But these two have received so much attention in the past (and to some extent still do – we hear a lot about the prostate and erectile dysfunction and about the need for men to modify their behaviour) that we need to balance this out by bringing to the country’s attention all those social factors which influence men’s and boys’ health. We mean the situations where boys grow, where men work, what happens to them in relationships (or after relationships), their lives after retirement, the health experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and more. This is in the perspective of what the World Health Organization calls the social determinants of health. AMHF is committed to promoting greater understanding of these as well as promoting the idea of male-friendly services.

It is exciting that the Federal Government supports these ideas, both in the National Male Health Policy and in its call for the first ever male health longitudinal study which is to be based on these social determinants.

AMHF is growing across the country: we wish to support individuals and groups who share our passion for, in the words of the National Male Health Policy, building on the strengths of Australian Males.

If you wish to see what we did in 2013-14, please click here to read my annual report.

Share with us, join us if you haven’t already, in this task of building a healthier place for Australian males.

Julian Krieg