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May 13, 2022
12:45pm - 4:45pm
The Gunya
335 Old South Head Road Watsons Bay
Sydney, NSW 2010

Men's Business Breath work and Ice Bath

Attention Men! Are you looking for a supportive space to transform and reset your life?

Join us for a transformative experience at our Men's Circle Workshop with breath work and ice baths.
We have curated a unique combination of shamanic drumming, sharing circles, and other empowering activities that will leave you feeling clear headed and connected to like-minded men.

In the event you will experience:

- Ice Baths to shift your mood, energy and revitalise you
- Breath Work to shift your nervous system and align with higher states
- Shamanic Drum Journey to connect deeper to your spirit
- Heart opening cup of cacao
- Supportive Mens Circle to share and hold you accountable

At our workshop, you will have a supportive community that holds you accountable for your personal goals and helps you work towards them. Our ice baths will reduce inflammation and muscle soreness, improve circulation and mental clarity, and enhance your immune function. Breath work techniques will reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental clarity and focus, and increase energy and vitality.

Our workshop will be held in a beautiful location at The Gunya, 3 35 Old South Head Road, Watsons Bay. You will be treated to complimentary cacao and a small ceremony to let go of things you wish to release from within yourself. Our shamanic style and confidentiality ensure that all men can be heard and held during our workshop. We aim for you to leave our workshop with a clearer perspective of who you are in society and to be able to set yourself an oath to improve whichever area of your life you choose.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of a movement that allows men to be who they truly are. Join our Men's Circle Workshop with breath work and ice baths, and embody positive masculinity. Register now to secure your spot, and walk out the door saying "I Know Who I Am!"


What this event will have and what you will come away with:


# You will learn the benefits of breath work, ice bath's and the principles associated with them and leave with techniques to implement in your life

# Meet like minded men and a have the option to step into a brotherhood

# Learn about yourself and what you are really capable of

# Let go of shit that may be holding you back from your best life 


Warning: If you have a heart condition or suffer from any conditions that a cold shock may hinder please ask your doctor for advice on attending 

What to bring: Please bring swimmers or clothes you don't mind getting wet and also a change of clothes 

Bring a jacket or warm clothes too

$122.00 AUD · Purchase tickets


Holding an event for men or boys? Let us know about it.




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