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October 01, 2022
1pm - 5pm
The Authentic Living Centre
2nd Floor 113-115 Oxford Street (Corner of Crown Street) Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Sydney, NSW 2010
Daryl Krol

Back to Basics Mens Circle

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We aim to create a safe space for men to be their raw unpolished selves and to express themselves without judgement.

A space to break free from societal beliefs, programming and limitations.

A space where participants have your back & hold you accountable for your shit and to stay on track with setting your personal goals and working towards them.



This circle will be held at The Authentic Living Centre.

2nd Floor, 113-115 Oxford Street, (Corner of Crown Street), Darlinghurst NSW 2010


This men's circle is for all men no matter where you are in life. It will be run in a somewhat shamanic style and allow for all to be heard and held in confidence as to what we will aim to work through. It will be a combination of workshop/circle/ceremony.

We will have complimentary cacao if you choose to try and a small ceremony to let go of things we wish to let go of from within ourselves, also adding to the small ceremony a manifestation segment where we will create an oath.

We feel it is important now more so than ever before in history to be part of a movement that allows men to be who we truly are.

We will explore what it means to be and embody positive masculinity.


We aim for you to get out of this a view and perspective of who you really are in society, to set yourself an oath to improve whichever area in your life that you choose and to be able to walk out the door saying (YOU) I Know Who I Am.


We will sit in a space and hear each other, express any concerns we may have and share our ideas and goals for our personal futures.



We will be holding our usual meditations and drum journey, you will receive a complimentary cup of Cacao and there maybe some physical warm ups and stretching depending on the day.


Chris will be running some breath work and Daryl will be hosting the managing anger segment.

What this Event will have

We are going back to basics with an open discussion on what it is to be a man today.

You will be part of a held in confidence sharing circle and be able to express yourself in which ever way you choose with out judgement.


There are check in questions to help prompt any things that you may wish to get off of your chest or share with the other men, as well as question.

You will have guided breath work which will bring about a state of tranquility and assisted by the cacao and move into a deep guided meditation and energy clearing.




Come and join us on this healing journey.


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