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Exercise + Men's Health

We think it’s critical to talk about the issues impacting so many men. Our Know Your Man Facts Toolkits show what can be done to improve men's health, mental health and wellbeing.


The Exercise + Men's Health toolkit explains why being inactive is bad for our health and how staying fit and strong fights off disease. It doesn’t matter if you’re as fit as a Mallee Bull or past your physical peak, this information is for everyone and includes some ideas on how you can help your mates and family stay fit and active too.

The toolkit includes a presentation with interactive speaker notes and slides that can be tailored to the requirements of those conducting the talk. Some suggestions for delivery:

  • Get two or three people in your workplace to give the presentation, dividing up each section and writing responses on a board.
  • Hold a morning tea, lunch or afternoon session and give the presentation over, during or before refreshments.
  • Print out the 10 KYMF graphics and post them on walls, or in a visible space.
  • Print out the Exercise + Men's Health infographic and distribute it to your audience as a conclusion to the event.
  • Print out the Exercise + Men's Health booklet or download and distribute to your audience. If you would like hard copies of the Exercise + Men's Health booklet, please email [email protected]




  • If you would like an electronic copy of the Exercise + Men's Health presentation, please add your name and email below here and we will send it to your inbox.

Download the Exercise + Men's Health Talk

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