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July 02, 2022
1pm - 5pm
The Authentic Living Centre
Floor 2 113-115 Oxford St Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Sydney , NSW 2010
Daryl Krol

Mens business Forgiveness Event

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What is forgiveness?
To forgive someone or our selves and to ask for forgiveness, are the most important aspects for your spiritual growth.
Forgiveness can also lead to higher self-esteem. It can allow you to have a greater spiritual connection.
It is not just saying the words 'I am sorry', or 'I have forgiven you'. It is an emotion which is felt deep within you, and when real forgiveness happens there is a change in that relationship, the relationship to self, to others and to the world in general.

This Event is Focused on letting go of the thing or things that maybe holding you back from your next spiritual or evolutional growth.

Being able to forgive helps you practice compassion, freedom from feeling negative emotion and being triggered, and from being a victim.

Emotions that are trapped within our physical body can be causing resistance to being open to letting our intuition come through and be open to leading our best lives. Spirit led.

If this resonates with you then click here to find out more or just simply come along to The Authentic Living Centre on Saturday the 2nd of July at 13:00/1 pm

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