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June 24, 2023 : 12pm
- June 28, 2023 : 12:40pm
Mission Beach Resort
Lot 4 Wongaling Beach Road
Wongaling Beach
Mission Beach, QLD 4852
Darren Lewis - Fathering Adventures

Guided Rite of Passage 4 Night Daughter and Father Adventure experience

Most teenage girls feel distant from their Dads, and feel like they have to navigate through life on their own.

Our guided “Rite of Passage” 4 Night Daughter and Father Adventure experiences help Dads to help their daughters have healthier identities, self-worth, and self-esteem.

They also help daughters and fathers have healthier relationships, a deeper understanding of one another, and more effective communication, into the future.

This is a world class and wonderfully beneficial opportunity for daughters aged 13 years and over – no maximum age limit, and their Dads or father figures to experience together.

"My experience with Fathering Adventures meant the world to me.
Whilst Dad had always told me that he loved me, those 5 days solidified and deepened our relationship. That experience also helped me personally, to enter into a deeper understanding of who I was as a young woman."
(Zoe Smith - A daughter from Sydney, NSW)

Your financial investment :- $3,190 AUD (including GST) per father and daughter pair
● All transport ex. Townsville Airport (if needed) is outsourced.
● All accommodation at ‘Mission Beach Resort’ (each father and daughter pair will have their own room)
● All meals catered by ‘Mission Beach Resort’
● All world class commercially guided and outfitted outdoor adventure activities:
+ Snorkelling on the outer Great Barrier Reef (with the option to upgrade to scuba diving)
+ Sports rafting the Tully River (grade 2 & 3 rapids)
+ Hiking to the lookout on Bicton Hill
● All coaching presentations
+ The Prepared Daughter
+ The Intentional Father
+ Your Internal Compass
+ The Pursuit of True Beauty, and The Lies We Can Believe
● Certain significant and special moments intentionally interwoven throughout the experience

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$3,190.00 AUD · Purchase tickets


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