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June 11, -0013 : 12am
- June 13, -0013 : 12pm
Hyatt Regency Downtown Miami, Florida, USA
400 SE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33131
United States
Nathan Earl

International Conference on Violence against Men and Boys

Registration opens Friday, July 7 for the 2024 International Conference on Violence against Men and Boys (VAMB24) with a limited number of discounted passes for virtual and in-person attendees. VAMB24 moves beyond the traditional conference experience to a highly engaging global convening of thought-leading change agents co-creating knowledge and devising transformative strategies to reduce the profound trauma caused by violence against males. Save the date and secure your spot. 

The 2024 International Conference on Violence against Men and Boys, a transformative public health intervention, is a groundbreaking educational and capacity-building event that seeks to address the often-overlooked issue of violence against men and boys. With a focus on reframing violence as a health issue, this conference aims to equip individuals from the private sector, government, healthcare, social services, and criminal justice with the practical knowledge and skills necessary to prevent and respond effectively to various forms of violence experienced by males.

Through a heightened awareness of the scope of trauma experienced by males, attendees will explore the structural determinants of numerous types of violence and related impact on mental and physical health, educational attainment, criminal justice involvement, revictimization, later perpetration, financial stability, and public safety.

Conference Objectives

  1. Build a Community of Practice: The conference will convene decision-making cross-sector stakeholders, as well as those impacted, to develop global, national and local strategies to address structural barriers and inequities that lead to violence and trauma experienced by men and boys.

  2. Raise Awareness: The conference will create a platform for raising awareness about the different types of violence that men and boys face, including childhood family violence, sexual violence and abuse, bullying and emotional harm, trafficking, community and youth violence, ritual and faith-based violence and abuse, exploitation within the sports industry, violence in humanitarian and conflict settings, and military assault. By shedding light on these issues, it aims to challenge societal norms and perceptions surrounding violence against males. 

  3. Reframe Violence as a Health Issue: By emphasizing the health consequences and sequelae of violence, the conference seeks to change the narrative around violence against men and boys. It will highlight the physical, psychological, and social impacts of violence and its implications for the well-being of individuals and communities. The syndemic framework for concurrently treating victimization and co-occurring mental health, substance dependency, HIV/STI, and PTSD will be introduced. 

  4. Enhance Prevention Strategies: The conference will provide evidence-based approaches to prevent violence against men and boys. It will explore primary, secondary and tertiary prevention strategies, including education and awareness campaigns, community engagement, and policy advocacy, with a focus on empowering individuals and communities to challenge the structural determinants that sustain exploitation.

  5. Strengthen Response and Support: The conference will equip healthcare and social service providers with the knowledge and skills to identify, respond to, and support males impacted by violence and trauma. Trainers will address trauma-informed care, psychosocial interventions, syndemic-based interventions, equitable surveillance and the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to enhance the overall response to violence against males.

  6. Catalyze Strategic Funding: The conference seeks to catalyze investment in equitable research to learn more about the structural, social, commercial and individual determinants of violence against males.

  7. Empower Engagement: The conference strategically and intentionally empowers males as stakeholders in the global efforts in addressing violence as a public health issue.

Conference Highlights

The conference will feature renowned experts, researchers, and practitioners who specialize in the prevention and response to violence against men and boys. The program will include: 

  1. Keynote Addresses

  2. Interactive Workshops

  3. Panel Discussions

  4. Case Study Presentations

  5. Research Presentations

  6. Networking Opportunities

  7. Strategic Action Planning

$400.00 USD · Purchase tickets


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