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November 23, 2023
6:30pm - 8:30pm
T42 Hobart
4 Franklin Wharf
Hobart, TAS 7000
Candece Baker

Hobart 'Dads in Distress' Community Engagement Night

Dads in Distress has been keeping dads alive and in their kids lives since Fathers Day, 1999.

We're now in Hobart running weekly support groups for Dads that are 100% free, male-friendly, non-judgemental and completely confidential.

This event is about letting the community know we're here, to share insights into the very real issues faced by separated dads (especially with regard to contact with kids and feelings of suicide) and how support can be provided.

Who's this for?

  • Separated dads - most often, struggling to have contact with their kids
  • Those supporting separated dads in Hobart (& Tasmania) - including family, friends, colleagues and professionals

Apart from local dads who'd like to hear from experts and put some questions to them (we're running a Q&A), we're especially keen to welcome local lawyers, judiciary, politicians, counsellors, doctors, psychologists, law enforcement and anyone else working in local men's support services.

Speaking at the event (and taking your questions)

  • Pete Nicholls, CEO of Dads in Distress
  • Jonathan Bedloe, Men's Resources Tasmania & Australian Men's Health Forum

What do you get out of this event?

  • Update on the issues faced by separated dads in Australia, including key links to suicide
  • Opportunity to hear from a range of local & national experts
  • Q&A with experts - ask our panel (refer below for common 'dad' questions)
  • Access to specialised 'separated dad' support now operating in Hobart
  • Meet and network with other local experts (and dads!)
  • A free coffee and friendly chat!

Curious about the types of things dads ask us for help around?

  • Are my kids being alienated from me?
  • How do I get legal help?
  • I've started feeling it's not worth going on
  • What is the court process?
  • I’m struggling with child support payments
  • The contact order is being broken/ignored
  • I can’t sleep and it's ruining my life/career
  • How does mediation work
  • I’m being accused of horrific things I’ve not done
  • Allegations are isolating me from my friends and family
  • How do I self-represent
  • I feel isolated/hopeless
  • I don’t know how to communicate with the mum of our kids without it going off the rails
  • How do I best help a dad in distress?

If this sounds like you then, you’re in the right place and we can help.

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