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February 12, 2023
10am - 6pm
Gilwell Park
2555 Gembrook-Launching Pl Rd
Gembrook, VIC 3783

Island of Men No.12

The Island of Men is a day dedicated to developing you. A day to reconnect to yourself, nature and a supportive brotherhood of amazing men.

Island of Men #12 - New Connections!

Our next Island of Men is at the start of 2023 - and what better way to start the year than investing time in yourself. Investing time in exploring what goals you want to manifest, what new connections to develop with the community, new and deeper connections with yourself and connections to nature.

Island of Men is a day dedicated to you support good blokes to connect with other good blokes. Do you want gather with a community of good blokes for workshops based on the above? Want a day dedicated to your development? Want to feel more connected to self, nature and the IoM community?

We are going to bring together a number of expert facilitators to explore tools and techniques for improving connections. Join us on 12 February!

About The Event

IOM is a unique experience that provides something different for each individual.

For some men, it is a welcome reprieve from the pressures of life, a lifting of the weight of expectation that has been placed on them by work, family and society.

For others, it is a place to realise and release limiting stories, unhealthy relationships & behaviours that no longer serve.

And for the majority of the IOM attendees, it is just a place to feel at home with other blokes who want to learn, grow and be happy.

IoM is open to all men of cultural and ethical backgrounds. It is open to all men that identify as male, of all sexual orientations. IoM is focused on community and growth and is not associated with any religious group.


Island of Men events are based on agreements. It is a day of connection and growth, agreements provide a safe foundation to support this intention.

- Everyone that identifies as male is welcome

- Participate as much or as little as is right for you

- Confidentiality - anything discussed remains confidential

- We are not here to persuade others (especially in areas of religion or politics)

What to Expect

This is a day built on radical self reliance, a commitment to owning our own stuff and taking steps to create positive changes where necessary. It's also a day of complete community, a knowing that life can be so much better when we are there for one another.

IOM will be host to an array of talented facilitators running workshops throughout the day, focussed on mission, communication, movement, fatherhood, purpose, expression, appreciation, self-love, inner child work... and more.

The workshops will be delivered by talented facilitators.

The IOM experience can be a somewhat difficult to describe, so rather than trying to hammer a point home, have a read of what past attendees have said about their Island experience.

"What a day! A fantastic experience to be surrounded by so many amazing hu-men. The workshops were great, the love felt by all, the power of the Sacred Heart circle. This is a much needed facility in a time where I, as a man, realise it's on me to create the change I want for myself and my surroundings. And to spread that change to all men around me. A powerful tool to claim back our masculinity."

"What an amazing day. Very full and heavy heart by the end, in a very good way!"

"Truly powerful and inspirational work behind the guys that brought this beautiful space together. What a Honour it was to be apart of this event !! Absolute must for Men - Please do more."

"A great day organised by great people, I went in hungover and came out inspired!"

Grab yourself a ticket - and if you want to do something nice for a man, friend or family member, if you want to strengthen a bond you have with a best mate, or a brother, bring them along. You'll both be thankful for it.

***There will be updates and instructions on the IOM Facebook page ( leading up to the event so make sure you like the page to ensure you are receiving updates.

Looking forward to seeing you at 'Island of Men #12 New Connections'


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