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June 16, 2023
8am - 6pm
Rendezvous Hotel
148 The Esplanade
Scarborough, WA 6019
Mens Talk AU

Men's Wellbeing Conference 2023 WA

Mens Talk and Richmond Wellbeing are proud to be hosting a one-day conference focused on the wellbeing of men. The Men's Wellbeing conference will bring together experts and thought leaders from various fields to discuss topics that are essential for men to lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives, as part of Mens Health Week. The conference is aimed at the public, professionals and anyone who interacts with men. The day will be an opportunity to hear from some fantastic organisations that support men alongside some truly inspirational individuals sharing their story. The Men's Wellbeing conference will showcase the support that men can access in the community, as well as hearing inspiring stories that help to break the negative stigma surrounding men and their wellbeing.

The more we can do to engage men and raise awareness of support for holistic health and wellbeing, the better!

Together for Men's Wellbeing' is the proposed theme for this conference in 2023 as we believe in a comprehensive and holistic approach to promoting men's health, and that this can only be done successfully through inter-sectorial and inter-disciplinary collaborations. The Men's Wellbeing conference will not only cover inspiring stories and practices in men's wellbeing, it will also explore how gender identity, changing social and cultural norms shape men's behaviours and their holistic health.

At the WA Men's Wellbeing Conference 2023, delegates will be able to interact and network with experts and presenters in men's wellbeing and related disciplines through keynote presentations, panel forums and workshops. We see The Men's Wellbeing conference as a platform to unite men's health and wellbeing stakeholders, providing a forum to discuss, listen, engage, debate, brainstorm and seek solutions for a better future for men's wellbeing.

Speakers include: Lindsay Hale, Deputy Commissioner, Mental Health Commission, WA

Kim Hughes, former Australian cricket captain

Chad Harding, Sports Chaplaincy Australia, WCE Chaplain

John Rich, Chair, WA Men's Health and Wellbeing



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