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2023 Father of the Year Awards announced

Comedian Hamish Blake has been named Father of the Year 2023. The popular television personality and host of the humorous podcast, How Other Dads Dad, was acknowledged as “a dedicated advocate for other dads.”

Blake was chuffed to receive the award, which is selected by the Father’s Day Council and The Father’s Day Project, who administer the awards. "This isn't about winning anything, it's simply a chance to highlight the amazing opportunity we have as dads, mentors or father figures to help shape the future for our kids,” he said.

"For me being present, creating a space for fun and adventure and being totally accepting of who my kids are as people is what I strive to do, and how I hope they feel safe and loved," he said.

"I get it wrong frequently, in ways I'm well aware of. I think it's healthy to be honest about how much we're still learning, whilst also knowing how important it is to try just as hard tomorrow."

The Fathering Project CEO Kati Gapaillard said: "Hamish delivers a powerful fatherhood message through sharing his personal journey.

"He encourages dads to connect authentically, acknowledging that perfection isn't the goal but rather emphasises learning from one another to be the best possible support for our children - spending quality time each day with your child is what really matters," she said.

Blake, married to Zoe Foster, is a father to Rudy, 6, and Sonny, 9.

Nominations are now open for the 2024 Australian Fathering Awards.

This year’s awards also went to:

Dodzi Kpodo - 2023 Community Father of the Year

Paul Wilton 2023 Sports Father of the Year

Hollard Insurance, 2023 Australia’s Best Workplace for Fathers

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