$7.8m for men’s support workers in family courts 

The Attorney General’s office has announced $7.8m funding to provide dedicated men’s social support workers in Family Advocacy and Support Services locations around the country. 

The workers will be funded over three years from 2019-2020 to work with male victims and alleged perpetrators of family violence involved in family law matters.

The dedicated men’s support workers will provide access to appropriate support services, such as parenting programs and men’s behavioural change programs.

According to the Government’s budget statements, “the employment of men’s social support workers is consistent with the objective of stopping violence at its source and enhancing the safety of victims”.

The move has been welcomed by the Australian Women Against Violence Alliance who said: 

“This measure builds on the 2018-19 MYEFO measure titled Family Advocacy and Support Services and Legally Assisted and Culturally Appropriate Dispute Resolution — extension of services. We welcome this measure.

“AWAVA sought clarification in regard to the terminology of ‘alleged perpetrators’ and were told that it was meant to encompass both alleged and convicted perpetrators involved in family law matters”


Download: 2019-2020 Federal Budget measures to address violence against women and their children (Australian Women Against Violence Alliance) 

Read: The Attorney General's new funding initiatives (Australian Government) 





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    commented on $7.8m for men’s support workers in family courts  2019-05-01 12:55:37 +1000
    To me this has the appearance as another “Duluth-Model” perpetrator program. Once again men are considered as evil and perpetrators which is devastating. Why isn’t there any support for men whom are victims of domestic abuse in the family court situation?
    commented on $7.8m for men’s support workers in family courts  2019-05-01 08:56:18 +1000
    7.9m from the Attorney General. Seems a pittance when you consider , labor just promised 60m for women and the libs 100M+. It’s nice that it happened but the wrong people and to little when all it would really take is removing the gender specific terms of current funding and stop giving it all to feminists.