Alone Together study explores responses to COVID-19

Researchers from the University of Sydney are examining the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the lives of Australians.

This study explores how housing, social relationships, co-morbidities and resilience impact mental health and wellbeing, what protects people and improvements that can be made to protection. 

The study, open to any person living in Australia aged 18 and over, is being carried out by a long list of imminent researchers including Dr Marlee Bower, Postdoctoral Research fellow, Dr Emma Barrett, Senior Research Fellow and Professor Maree Teesson, Director, The Matilda Centre, from the Faculty of Medicine and Health at the University of Sydney, with Associate Professor Genevieve Dingle from the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland.

The longitudinal research study includes five online surveys at three-month intervals from mid-2020.

Participants will be invited to complete an initial 30-60 minute survey, with four 20-45 minute follow-ups.

They will be asked for information about general demographics, housing, living arrangements, social networks and relationships, as well as sharing their experience with loneliness, psychological symptoms, experience with drugs and alcohol, as well as coping strategies and resilience.

People who take part can exit the survey at any time.

“Knowledge gained from this research will be of practical use for supporting the community during COVID-19 and future crisis situations,” say the researchers.

“It will also guide the development of policy concerning social distancing and self-isolation to ensure mental well-being is considered. The findings of this study are intended to be of practical use to policy makers, health professionals, and the community. Benefits will flow broadly to the Australian community, with potentially broader implications for global mental health policy.”

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