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Better Every Day challenge for Aussie dads

The team at the Australian Dads Network has launched a new campaign inviting to dads to #bettereveryday.

Dads are encouraged to pick a goal they have been striving towards and to create a challenge that others may sponsor or donate to. The premise is that moving forward in life is as simple as getting 1% better at something each day.

In taking the #bettereveryday challenge, participants will help raise funds for ADN, established by Liam Sorrell to develop a community for Australian dads and 24/7 support.

“Dads find it hard to open up and find that place where they are safe to be themselves and become vulnerable to share their journey,” he says.

“By supporting our campaign, you are providing us with more opportunities to support the Dads across our community by meeting them where they are at. From financial hardship, mental health support, education, employment support and alcohol and drug addiction, we know that our work helps to ensure Dads are safe, supported and working to become better every day.”

The #bettereveryday campaign runs from 1 September until 30 November 2022.

"Three months sounds like a long time," says Liam. "It's the last quarter of the year. But it will be a game-changer. That helps you form habits. 

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