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Blokepedia to pilot new workplace health program for men

Blokepedia is partnering with Western Sydney University for a pilot workplace program that targets men to help them optimise their social, emotional and physical health.

The program will consist of a mix of online resources, webinars and in-person (where permitted) education sessions.

“There is an urgent need for innovative, accessible programs designed to engage men for the promotion of physical and mental health,” says Blokepedia, citing key figures around men’s lower life expectancy and higher rates of chronic illness compared to women.

Lifestyle behaviours contributing to worse health outcomes in men include poor eating habits, lack of exercise and higher levels of risky drinking, to name a few.

“Adults spend approximately one-third of their waking hours at work, and the workplace has been identified as an appropriate setting for the promotion of health.”

The Blokepedia workplace health program follows a set of three guiding principles.

  1. Promotes a holistic view of men’s health and wellbeing
  2. Empowers men to take ownership of their health
  3. Supports and enables a peer-to-peer learning model

Participants will get access to Blokepedia’s learning hub as part of the pilot and be provided with tools and supports needed to optimise their individual health. The program will focus on a number of topics: physical and emotional health, dealing with change, social connection, communication and relationships.

Employees will be asked to contribute to the evaluation of the workplace health program to establish the feasibility and acceptability of the program and how it could develop in future.

If you think your workplace would benefit and be open to taking part in the program, contact Josh Quarmby on 0432 833 005 or email [email protected]

You can also fill out an expression of interest. 

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