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Dads Group launches Sockless Heroes Father’s Day campaign

With Father’s Day on the horizon and department stores filling social media feeds with ideas to spoil him on 3 September, Dads Group is asking people to rethink buying socks, extra large blocks of Toblerone, or moderately priced bottles of after-shave.

Dads Group, a not-for-profit charity supporting fathers and promoting positive parenting, has launched its first Sockless Heroes fundraising campaign.

“This year, we invite you to break the mould and support Dads Group, a registered Australian charity that's all about connecting and empowering new dads for the incredible journey of fatherhood,” say the organisers.

“We understand first-hand the challenges of balancing business and family, especially during those early years when everything is shifting, and you're navigating new roles and responsibilities.

“We also know the immense value of support networks. Just like the incredible mothers' groups out there, we believe dads deserve a space to connect, share, and grow as they step into their new world of fatherhood.”

With over $1270 raised (at the time of writing) and a goal of $200,000, Sockless Heroes invites people to make a donation, which will go towards helping Dads Group continue its work.

That work includes running Dads Groups and Community Events including the popular Man With A Pram Father’s Day ‘push’, and developing tools, resources and programs that help organisations support their employees through the transition to parenthood.

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