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End the financial year with a donation to men’s health

The end of the financial year is looming, and with it a gentle reminder to consider a donation to support the work we are doing for men and boys in Australia.

While the Australian Men’s Health Forum receives Government funding under the Male Health Initiative and Health Peak and Advisory Fund, our work is stretched in many directions, covering important topics, advocating for change and bringing together passionate organisations and individuals who are committed to doing better for men and boys.

We strive to get better outcomes for men’s health, so that they live longer, happier lives. As our recently announced theme for International Men’s Day 2023 states, “Healthy Men, Healthy World.” 

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Australia is one of the healthiest and wealthiest countries in the world and yet men born in Australia still die an average of 7 years younger than women born in Australia.

Nearly 50 Australian men a day die prematurely from preventable causes, with men from socially disadvantaged backgrounds being at greater risk of experiencing poor health and dying early. 

In addition, men and boys account for

  • 3 in 4 suicides
  • 4 in 5 heart disease deaths under 75
  • 3 in 4 alcohol-related deaths
  • 3 in 4 road deaths
  • 96% of workplace deaths
  • 70% of deaths in young people 15-34

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AMHF work

The Australian Men’s Health Forum relies on a small team of three, two of whom work part-time. With additional funding we can:

  • Create more resources for men’s health champions to use free of charge, such as our popular Know Your Man Facts series, which sets people up with the tools they need to promote men’s health to their community.
  • Further promote and support men’s health events including those we have a key role in organising such as Men’s Health Week and International Men’s Day.
  • Ensure politicians and key influencers are hearing accurate and relevant information when it comes to creating budgets that take a gender responsive approach to mental health and male suicide prevention, as well as key medical issues like heart disease and cancer screening.
  • Assist health providers working with men to consider how best to reach the different male populations they are seeking to help, with important information on best practice and how to develop male-friendly services.
  • Give a voice to so many brilliant grassroots men’s groups making a difference and lacking a platform or resources to reach more men and boys.
  • Bringing the men's health sector together with thought-leading webinars under Men's Health Connected

Whatever donation you can make is greatly appreciated to our shared cause. Thank you for your support.

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