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Fatherhood Research Symposium 2022 registrations open

One of Australia’s leading conferences on fatherhood returns in May, with options for both physical and virtual attendance.

The Australian Fatherhood Research Symposium brings together researchers and practitioners who work with fathers and showcases father-inclusive programs from around Australia.

It is co-hosted by the Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development - Deakin University, the Family Action Centre - the University of Newcastle and the Institute for Health Transformation.

Held on May 5 and 6 at Deakin Downtown (Melbourne) and also via Zoom, US paediatrician and Northwestern University Professor Craig Garfield will present on ‘Lessons Learned from the United States: Including Fathers in Research, Policy and Beyond.’

Professor Garfield’s research focuses on improving the health of children and families by understanding the role parents play in the health and wellbeing of children (in particular the role of fathers) as well as how technology (such as smartphone apps) can support parenting.

He is joined on Day One of the symposium by Victorian Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner Dr Niki Vincent, who address the topic, ‘Gender Stereotypes in Parenting.’

Day Two presentations feature keynote speakers Professor Hiram Fitzgerald from the US and Dr Cameron Willis, a scholar at Swinburne University, whose work explores the role and value of collaborative initiatives in a range of settings, including health and wellbeing, sustainable development, environmental protection and circular economy.

Professor Fitzgerald, is University Distinguished Professor and Associate Provost Emeritus at Michigan State University, and Adjunct Professorial Fellow at Curtin University, Australia. He has authored 600 publications, the most recent being a ‘Handbook of Fathers and Child Development: Prenatal to Preschool.’

Abstract submissions for the Symposium are now open and both researchers and organisations are invited to submit abstracts summarising proposed or completed research, applied programs, or organisation descriptions.

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The cost to attend is $150 for in-person and $95 student concession. Online registration is $70 full and $35 student concession.



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