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Fathering channel for dads

The Fathering Project has launched a channel specifically for dads to help them adjust and make the most of parenting solely from the confines of home.

Features include a regular Tuesday Dads Group Online Forum held between 7pm-9pm EST. This week’s event (via Zoom) will look at how dads can develop a plan of action to establish new routines in this time of lockdown and uncertainty.

On Wednesday nights, Tasmania ‘Cameron’ shares recipes and encourages cooking in the kitchen with kids. 

And each week, Married at First Sight relationship expert John Aiken gives his tips on how to strengthen family bonds. 


“You are basically looking for ways to get through,” Aiken tells the Fathering Project community. “I’ll be giving you tips on a pretty regular basis to help you enhance and overhaul your relationship with your intimate partner to get you through these difficult times.

“The single biggest thing you can do for your kids right now is to have a great relationship.”

An estimated 2.6 million fathers are now looking after kids at home due to coronavirus confinement regulations. The Fathering Project’s founder Dr Bruce Robinson told Seven news the new virtual community would provide tips, forums, webinars and information on how to cope with being at home and turn these unusual times into a fun, memorable, positive experience.

“I hope when children look back at this pandemic lockdown they’ll think ‘that was the best time of our lives’,” Dr Robinson said.

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