Fathering Project survey asks men how they dad

The Fathering Project is asking men across Australia to describe how they ‘dad’.

“The roles of mums and dads in the home, the workplace and in society means that the expectations on dads have changed, and are constantly changing,” the  organisation explains.

A two-minute 'fathering facts' survey called ‘Tell Us How You Dad’ invites participants to help provide a more insightful view of what fathering looks like today.

Says Fathering Project ‘founding father’ Dr Bruce Robinson, “Fathering’s changed a lot over the past few generations. What does it mean to be a dad today?”

“How are we as dads sharing the workload of parenting and family life.”

How do you dad? Scenes from the Fathering Project's promotional video.


Says one father in the Fathering Project’s promotional video, “I do daycare and I take them to their school and pick them up in the afternoon.”

"Fathering is a work in progress," says Dr Robinson.

“This survey will help us know what we’re doing well and where we can improve things."

The Fathering Project says it has had a huge response to the survey, which closes on 2 August.


Complete Fathering Project's two-minute dad survey

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