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Getting into the habit of Men’s Health Week 2023

Men's Health Week takes place from 12-18 June 2023, and in Australia, the theme is Healthy Habits.

Organised by the Centre for Male Health at Western Sydney Universityorganisers encourage men and boys to build healthy habits by identifying small changes they can make to benefit their health and wellbeing. 

They also encourage workplaces and community groups to take action to support the health and wellbeing of men and boys. 

The Australian Men's Health Forum, a supporter of the Centre for Male Health's Men's Health Week campaign, is releasing a new Know Your Man Facts toolkit around exercise and how to engage men in becoming more physically active. 

The toolkit includes a presentation with speaker notes, which AMHF will show people how to use at its online events platform, 'Men's Health Connected,' on June 1. 

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We will also be discussing best practice initiatives for getting men moving, and during Men's Health Week, we will run a series of lunchtime talks on Men's Health TV on a range of topics, including:

  • Where to go for a health checkup? What and when should this happen?
  • What exactly does a healthy lifestyle look like? How can men and boys improve their mental and physical wellbeing?
  • What groups actively support men in Australia to feel more connected?
  • How do some of these groups successfully help men care for their physical wellbeing while providing important social connections?

Associate Professor Emma George, Director of the Centre for Male Health, says this year's theme encourages men and boys to think about making sustainable changes to their health and wellbeing. 

"Some people might set themselves a small challenge to add an extra 10 minutes of physical activity into their day or to switch a sugary drink for a glass of water with dinner. Others might use Men's Health Week as a prompt to book in for a checkup with their GP, or to join a local men's community group to boost social connections."

In the lead up to Men's Health Week, the Centre for Male Health and AMHF encourage community groups, health services, and organisations who offer programs and activities for men to register their details for inclusion in the Men's Health Directory, which will feature on the Men's Health Week website. 

This directory will be an important starting point for men wanting to kickstart their health or get involved in their local communities during and after Men's Health Week. 

To register your male-friendly activity, event, or service, please click here.

You can also list your Men's Health Week event on AMHF'S events calendar. Need help? Email [email protected]


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