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Health Heroes campaign ushers in Men’s Health Week 2024

Men’s Health Week will run from 10-16 June and this year a new campaign from Healthy Male and Western Sydney University is championing ‘Good Health Heroes’.

The campaign has been developed with support from men’s health organisations, including the Australian Men’s Health Forum.

It promotes a number of healthy habits men can consider adopting in order to increase their overall health across three key categories: Physical, mental and emotional.

Brought to life with fun animations, the Good Health Heroes characters build their best healthy self incrementally through small behaviour changes.

Supporters of men’s health can help spread the message by using the hashtag #healthhero and sharing a Health Hero infographic, or posting one of their own photos or videos to show how they are a health hero.

Resources can be downloaded from the new Health Heroes website.

There are six health heroes in the campaign.

‘Physical Phil’ understands that any movement is better than none, and makes sure he is physically active.

‘Nourished Nick’ knows the value of good nutrition, adds extra greens to his plate and eats small portions.

‘Rested Rohan’ makes sure he gets a good night’s sleep and limits screen time in the evenings.

Connected Kai’ organises regular date nights with his partner, connects with local dads’ groups and checks in with mates, especially those who seem a little off.

‘Switched on Sam’ knows his family history when it comes to certain health conditions and limits or cuts out completely, habits that are deleterious to health such as smoking and drinking too much alcohol.

Educated Enzo’ is proactive when he senses a health niggle and does something about it.

People visiting the Good Health Heroes website can take a short Hero test to find out their level of health. The 45-second test includes facts about men’s health in Australia, for example 11% of Australian men feel their health is ‘excellent’, 32% rate is as ‘very good’ and 52% say it is either ‘good’, ‘fair’ or ‘poor’.

The purpose of the Good Health Heroes campaign is to make men more aware of their health and identify which health habits could be improved.

Visit the Healthy Male website
Visit the Western Sydney University and the Centre for Male Health




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