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Help make International Men’s Day 22 the best ever

It’s just 100 days until International Men's Day on Saturday 19 November 2022. We'd like your help to make it the biggest ever celebration of International Men’s Day in Australia!

This year, our theme for International Men’s Day in Australia is “Celebrating Mateship” and our aim is to inspire more men to #MakeTime4Mates.
For the first time, men's groups all over Australia will be joining forces to mark International Men's Day, making it easier for men to get along to an event in their local area.
International Men’s Day 2022 theme announced 
International Men’s Day (IMD) is celebrated on 19 November every year and is marked in around 80 countries worldwide. In Australia, it's a great opportunity to take part in a global conversation about manhood, masculinity and men’s issues by:

• Highlighting some of the social issues that men and boys face
•.Making a difference for the men and boys in your community
• Celebrating men and boys in all their diversity
• Having some serious fun in the process
With this in mind, our International Men’s Day 2022 theme aims to inspire more men to “make time for mates” and build better social connections by:

• Making time for old mates
• Making time to make new mates
• Reaching out to mates who are doing it tough

Research shows that strong social connections have positive benefits on our physical and mental wellbeing. Put another way, good mates are good for our health.  

Men's groups that are open to all and meet regularly throughout the year play a vital role in enabling men to build new and deeper social connections.

Groups like Men's Sheds, The Man Walk, The Men's Table, Mr Perfect and the Tough Guy Book Club provide men in communities all over Australia with opportunities for mateship.

There are also many men's groups that focus on connecting men in communities, such as the Penrith Men's Walk and Talk in NSW; Project Blokes  in QLD; Mens Talk in WA; Right Mate in Victoria; INATT in South Australia and TasMen in Tasmania.

We're inviting all men's groups large and small to unite for International Men's Day 2022 in celebration of mateship and give men across Australia more opportunities to #MakeTime4Mates
If you want to help make International Men’s Day 2022 a huge success by running an event in your area then contact us at [email protected].
Find out more about International Men’s Day and how you can get involved.  


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