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It’s been a big year in men’s health with some positive signs that change is occurring. The Government revealed its National Men’s Health Strategy (2020-2030) earlier in the year and two Australian states – NSW and WA – have now also developed health strategies specifically for males.

We were cheered by the level of commitment and diversity shown at the Men’s Health Awards in June, from passionate groups and individuals in the sector working to improve the lives of men and boys through innovative programs that are male-friendly. 

 But there is a still a long way to go and we need your help.

 As we continue to report, men and boys in Australia are not doing as well as females on many fronts … by a long shot.

 Three out of four suicides are male, on average men die six years younger than women, 4 in 5 heart disease deaths under 65 are men, men dominate the road toll and workplace deaths are 93% male. Boys are 50% more likely not to complete year 12 and just 1 in 4 teaching staff are male.


Meanwhile, funding initiatives often overlook men and boys as we continue to invest less time, money and resources into men's health than women's health. 

How your donation will be used

Your contribution to the Australian Men’s Health Forum will help us tackle the underlying factors that shape men’s health.

Your support will enable us to:

  • Ensure the men’s health sector is kept abreast of latest news, research and information
  • Raise awareness about the social factors that impact men’s health
  • Work with policy-makers to ensure they have the best information from our network of experts
  • Consult with the community on best practice
  • Drive campaigns around important events, such as Men’s Health Week and International Men’s Day
  • Promote the work of the men’s health sector and events they are staging across Australia
  • Help to improve the way health services work for men and boys
  • Share the work our members and supporters are doing through our communication channels
  • Host the National Men’s Health Gathering, a three-day conference that brings the sector together and includes the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Male Health Convention

Your donation is tax deductible (over $2).

Every dollar is appreciated. Rest assured, whatever sum you give to support our mission will help improve outcomes from men and boys.

Thank you and have a safe, happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.


From the team at AMHF


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22 April 2024

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