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How are men’s groups responding to COVID-19?

By now everyone’s heard of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic and the great loo roll-buying outbreak of March 2020.

Most of us have an opinion about the pros and cons of travel bans, self-isolation and calls to put social distance between ourselves and our fellow humans by avoiding hugs and handshakes.

So how is the national drive to slow down the spread of coronavirus impacting people who work to improve the lives and health of men and boys in Australia?

We’re keen to hear from men’s groups and men’s health initiatives about the impact that coronavirus is having on your work.

  • Are you changing the way your team work?
  • Are you or your clients behaving differently?
  • Are the measures to delay the pandemic impacting your service?

Whether you’re a volunteer running a peer group or a health professional delivering mainstream services, we’re keen to hear about your experiences.

Maybe you have some tips and resources you can share with others? Maybe you feel like you’re facing the challenge alone and don’t realise that others like you are dealing with the same issues.

Whatever your experience is, we’d like to hear from you.

The Australian Men’s Health Forum invites you to fill out this 19-question survey, which seeks to find out what impact COVID19 is having on you, your organisation, staff and/or volunteers and the men’s health sector you represent.


Only takes 5 minutes and naturally we’ll be sharing the results …. from our virtual office spaces. 


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