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How are men’s health services coping with COVID-19?

Join the Australian Men’s Health Forum for our first zoom webinar as we reveal the results of our recent men’s health survey to find out how the men’s health sector has been impacted by the coronavirus.

Many of the social supports that keep men mentally healthy - including work, money and access to social networks - have been removed in the past few weeks.

Hundreds of groups that do great work to improve the lives and health of men and boys have been closed down. Men’s health programs are working hard to find new ways to deliver their services with many now delivering services online.

Date: Thursday 16 April 2020

Time: 2pm – 3pm

Topic: How are men’s health services coping with COVID-19?

Presenter: Glen Poole, CEO, Australian Men’s Health Forum


This following statements from our survey respondents capture some of the challenges that men’s health projects are facing:

"We have had to close and that has left some vulnerable men at risk"

"We've had to cancel all face-to-face counselling, our groups, our workshops for men and their supporters, our training and education programmes, events and community engagement and outreach."

"No face to face or group yarning circle."

Face-to-Face Peer Support Activities and all volunteering programs have ceased. Our clients are in the high-risk age group.

"Increased anxiety in men is palpable because of cancelled or delayed treatment, surgery radiation therapy, limited face to face contact and cancellation of support group meetings. When will I get my treatment? Will I see a doctor? Will my cancer get out of control?"

“There is a huge need to support fathers through the coming months. We see we need to support them to obviate the potential of mental health and domestic violence issues.”

“We have 5000 registered clients, while digital solutions are being identified, over a third of our current clients are digitally challenged.”

Our survey has also shone a light on the many innovative ways that men’s health services are rising to the challenge by shifting services online and identifying new ways to stay connected with clients.

If you want to find out how men’s health services are coping with COVID-19, register for this webinar today and join us on Thursday 16 April.



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