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Join the movers in Men’s Mental Health

On Saturday, June 6, AMHF’s Men’s Health Connected Online Summit will bring together some of the most passionate, committed and diverse groups in a daylong dive into the fast-moving men’s mental health movement. It’s a movement that is moving at a fast pace.

From new dads wheeling prams en masse through local neighbourhoods, dedicated barbecues and long walks for men to connect shoulder-to-shoulder, to reading clubs for ‘tough guys’ and dining groups where strong feelings can be tabled without fear of judgement … something exciting is happening in the men’s health sector at a grassroots level.

If you are thinking about starting a group or program, if you are looking at aligning yourself to one already in motion, or if you are just interested in men’s mental health, then you won’t want to miss this event.

At no cost, other than your time to join any or all of these free sessions, participants will meet some of the most successful men’s mental health movers from around Australia.

Starting at 10am, the 90-minute morning session will feature dynamic speakers on how they set up men’s mental health projects including;

Jeremy Forbes, the co-founder of HALT (Hope Assistance Local Tradies), a Victorian painter and decorator by trade who now works to raise awareness of mental health among local tradies.

Jeremy Edwards co-founded INATT (I’m Not Afraid To Talk) which he started with a group of local footy players in Whyalla, South Australia with the aim of challenging the stereotype that men don’t talk about their mental health.

Wayne Taylor, a Queensland plumber who founded Average Joes, which runs meet-up groups for men to connect through conversation, shared experiences and having a laugh together and;

Dan Allen, the co-founder of Trade Mutt, a social enterprise workwear brand, with the mission to make the invisible issue of mental health impossible to ignore.

Sam Webb, the co-founder LIVIN, which aims to break the stigma around mental health through awareness-raising and education programs. 

The second session, from 11.45am-1pm, poses the question, ‘do you need training to talk to blokes – how to upskill your volunteers’. Hear from some highly experienced players in the field, from Jack Jones, program director at the Banksia Project, to Ian Westmoreland, founder of Mentoring Men, Steve Gamble, founder of Man Anchor and Jon Morgan from Marcus Mission, a project that provides men with practical tools to navigate life’s difficult times and support others to do the same.

How can you grow your enterprise across the country?

How do you turn your idea into a movement? Session three is represented by groups who know what it takes including Mark Burns who founded The Man Walk, which provides regular opportunities for men to get together to walk, talk and support each other; David Pointon, founder of The Men’s Table, a program that builds belonging, community, peer support and camaraderie for men through monthly dinner meetings; Tom Docking found of Dads Group Inc, which has built a network of groups for new dads around Australia; Mitch McPherson, who founded SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY which built a partnership with Relationships Australia Tasmania to help expand its reach and Professor Barry Golding who offers unique insights into how the Men's Sheds movement grew from 1 shed to 1,000 sheds in Australia and over 2,000 sheds globally. 

The afternoon session, from 3.30-5pm, is an Open Forum where men running mental health groups share what they've learnt so far. Hear from Matt Boyce, founder of the Connection Project, Sam Parker, founder of Grab Life By The Balls and Dylan Roos, co-founder of MoMENtum Lifestyle and Kevin Health and Bailey Fitzgerald of the Maroubra Movement

Register for this Zoom event today and hang out on Saturday June 6 with some remarkable change-makers in men’s health. You’ll be in good company!



The Men’s Health Summit runs throughout June, with full programs on offer for most days of the month. The Men’s Mental Health Movement event concludes Week 1.

Check out the overview of Week 1, 2, 3 and 4/5.

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