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Junto Men's Hub starts Man-Made revolution

A Man Made Revolution is underway encompassing a series of events that will test those game enough to show up but with a gradient level of physical output, all with the goal of raising money and awareness for men’s health.

The organisers aim to raise $250,000 to be split between ‘a bunch of organisations who are also doing great work in the men’s health space.’

The first event – Strong-MAN on October 3, was based around strength-training, with varying degrees of difficulty.

The next event on November 20, 21 and 22, is Ultra-MAN, which consists of a double Ironman over 3 days. Day 1 is 10km swim and 140km bike. Day 2 is 280km bike and Day 3 is 84km run.

‘You can try and complete the entire thing, or just parts,’ say the organisers. There are many options to splice and dice and if you want to be in a team, the organisers will happily help you find one.

Beyond The-Man on 22 November is a dinner event. Just show up and listen to carefully chosen guest speakers from all walks of life.

You can elect to take part in these events, become involved in a training program or sponsor others to do the hard work. Find out more.

The organisers are hoping to evolve a community that works together to ‘revolutionise how we, as men, show up. To revolutionise how we communicate and support men with their physical, mental and emotional health to eliminate some of the risk factors leading to all forms or mortality in men.’

The Man Made Revolution is housed at the new Junto Hub, and hopes to contribute to a world where, ‘men rise daily with purpose, where they are able to pursue their human potential and be a positive role model for all those around them, especially young men, as they navigate the journey to manhood.’

'We know the importance of providing a space and opportunity for men to come as they are, without judgement or expectation, to grow and learn at their own pace. It brings them closer to who they want to be for themselves, their families and their mates.'

For the record, the Junto Club (also known as the Leather Apron Club) was a group formed by Benjamin Franklin 400 years ago to share ideas around a range of subjects. ‘This new-age Junto provides a space and network to support men’s physical, emotional and spiritual development. Together we want to support boys through to wise men in their quest to be better and achieve their full potential.’


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