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Know Your Man Facts - what do you think?

The Australian Men's Health Forum is currently reviewing its Know Your Man Facts (KYMF) men's health literacy campaign and we are keen to find out what you think.

If you've used or seen any of the materials in our Know Your Man Facts campaign we'd love to hear your feedback.

You can share your thoughts with us via our short Know Your Man Facts (KYMF) campaign survey

We'd like to know which of our Know Your Man Facts campaign materials you've encountered in the past; what you think about the design, content and reliability of the campaign materials and how effective you think the campaign is at communicating with men. 

We also welcome your insights on whether you think the KYMF campaign helps men to live healthier lives, encourages people to look out for the men in their lives and makes it easier to start conversations about men's health 

As we will be developing more Know Your Man Facts toolkits over the next 12 months, we're also keen to get your input on the topics we're thinking of exploring including:

Men + Cancer

Alcohol + Men's Health 

Top Tips to Live Longer 

Young Men's Health 

Health Facts for Dads 

To let us know what you think, just take a few moments to complete the Know Your Man Facts (KYMF) campaign survey


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