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Looking to find new moMENtum

They had plans to create ‘generational change’ by facilitating environments that educate, support and empower men to improve the quality of their lives.

That was then, but now all forms of physical contact have caused founders Blake Worrall-Thompson, Dylan Roos and Jonoah Van Kekem to re-engineer their brainchild, MoMENtum.

Full launch plans are on hold, but the guys have pivoted into a virtual version of their vision with a free online community under the moMENtum movement.

They will lead members of the new, private Facebook group, looking to connect and learn online “as we become isolated from our normal social circles”.

While the group is for ‘men only’, women are encouraged to join the public Facebook page.


With the growing loneliness epidemic, pre COVID-19, and alarming suicide rates for males, Blake, Jonoah and Dylan believed that the current state of manhood was in crisis.

“There is a lack of consistent, approachable and relatable tools and knowledge for men to help them navigate the challenge of showing up as a man in this world,” they state on the moMENtum website.

The friends held an event in a local Sydney pub last November attended by 65 men and women who listened to the guys share stories and learnings of tools they use to increase their performance, ‘and show up as men’.  They followed up with another event in Melbourne in February and had plans to open in Adelaide.

The moMENtum team (from left): Jonoah, Blake and Dylan. 

Blake is a lifestyle coach and personal trainer, Dylan is an accredited integrative nutrition health coach and Jonoah is a speaker and founder of a meditation and mindset business.

Quickly adapting to the impact of the coronavirus, their Facebook page will provide weekly live events, Q&As, support links, education and a community of like-minded men, “striving to Be A Better Man”.

MoMENtum for men Facebook Page (private)

MoMENtum Facebook for men and women (public) 


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