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Male-friendly pharmacy up for award

A New South Wales pharmacy that is building stronger links with its community through initiatives like men’s health talks and “brain and body workshops” for rural men, has reached the final of the 2019 Pharmacy of the Year.

The Award recognises excellence in pharmacy across three categories: business management, community engagement and professional innovation.

Flannery’s Pharmacy has been part of the Forbes community in Central West NSW for over 60 years.

“Our involvement in the community sets us apart from other pharmacies,” said co-proprietor Sarah Hazel.

“Flannery’s has always had a focus of giving back to the community. Being a rural town there have been times when we have seen a shortage of doctors and this has meant that our role in the community has often been as the first point of contact for people when they are feeling unwell. They come to the pharmacy first, we see if we can help them and if not we refer them on by making an appointment with the local doctors.”

Forbes’ motto is “putting the community back into community pharmacy”, an approach which is evident in the wide range of activities it undertakes to engage patients and the community.

These include mothers’ group talks, sessions on medicines and falls risks, brain and body workshops for rural women and men, and men’s health days on top of schools and community group activities.

 “It’s great to hear about a pharmacy that’s working to take a male-friendly approach and reach out to the men in the community through initiatives like men’s health talks,” said Glen Poole, CEO of the Australian Men’s Health Forum.

“Pharmacies are often well-placed to provide men who may not be engaging with the healthcare system more generally, with access to advice and support on a range of health issues.

“We hope the recognition that Forbes is receiving at the 2019 Pharmacy of the Year awards will inspire other pharmacies around Australia to think about the important role they can play in improving men and boys’ health.”

The winner of the overall Pharmacy of the Year award will be announced by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt on the Gold Coast in early March. 


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