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Man Cave Academy teaches the art of engaging boys

Educators, youth workers, facilitators, health professionals and sports coaches are invited to take part in a professional development opportunity with The Man Cave.

The Man Cave Academy has opened bookings for its course, The Art of Engaging Boys, which contains practical insights and tools to assist with the development of anyone wanting to build better connections and outcomes with the boys they work with.

In Victoria, the next in-person training is starting on 21 July at Man Cave’s Collingwood headquarters.

The day-long immersive covers:

  • The psychology of boys and their Journey to Adulthood

  • How to run deeply transformational sessions

  • How to create an environment that boys want to engage with

  • Using your strengths to their full effect.

  • Shared wisdom and experience from others across Victoria.


In NSW, the same session will take place on 15 July at Bustle Studios in Surry Hills.


Those who can’t make either are invited to check out the 4-module e-course, which covers the same content but can be done in a flexible time frame.

Founder and CEO of The Man Cave, Hunter Johnson, says his organisation is sharing insights that it has gained since working with "thousands and thousands of teenage boys around how to earn their respect, how to understand the different archetypes you’re going to encounter in a classroom, how to understand different behaviour management principles, and how we can create the spaces for them to explore their own authentic masculinity.”

Hunter Johnson, The Man Cave CEO

It’s a confusing time to be a young man, he says. Boys are left wondering if they are toxic for just identifying as a man and get caught in multiple contradictory narratives, from being told to be strong, stoic and toughen up to the message that they should cry more. 

“This is a very confusing time in the world and boys are desperately seeking diverse role models, particularly diverse male role models," he says. 

"We are not here to shame men, tell men how to live their lives. We’re here to give them the spaces to explore more of who they are. That is really the key behind the magic of facilitation."


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