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Martial arts master on a mission to improve truckies’ fitness and health

Truck driver Hiriwa ‘Tee Man’ TeRangi knows a thing or two about staying fit and would like to pass on his experience to truckies passing through the Gold Coast.

Tee Man was world champion kickboxer in 1997 and won three mixed martial arts (MMA) titles in New Zealand, where he was born. He is also a professional boxer and a multiple NZ heavyweight champion cage fighter. He was known as "Conan the Barbarian" among New Zealand's fight sport community.

But these days, his day-night job, is driving trucks around Australia. 

“Driving is one of the world’s most dangerous jobs and you have to be switched on every second you’re driving behind the wheel,” he told the trucking website, Big Rigs.

“One mistake could be your last. There is no time for distractions and you must be 100 per cent focused on your job. And what comes with the job is bad health.

“You are driving all day all night and mainly it’s all takeaways and sweet drinks.”

Hiriwa ‘Tee Man’ TeRangi

Tee Man loves his work and likens it to flying a plane.

“I’m in this huge beast and in in the cockpit with full control. I love it. Everyday is never the same. I get to see the best sunrises and sunsets in different locations around Oz. I get to see so much wildlife in their natural habitat from kangaroos, koalas, fox moose, cows and camels in WA.”

The downside is putting on unhealthy weight from sitting all day. “Before long, it’s too late,” he says. “I want to eliminate this and get them drivers moving again.”

He is plans to start a clinic on the Gold Coast where fellow truckies can touch base with him to improve their fitness and health.

“They may live locally, or be passing through. One thing is for certain, you will always get a hello back.”


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