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Men in Flight Fly program nets funding boost

The Fly Program has been awarded $42,900 to deliver a series of men's mental health programs in the fire-afflicted Snowy Monaro region, NSW.

The Daily Telegraph announced a series of handouts on Friday, as part of News Corp's Bushfire Fund, which has so far given $2.4 million to aid bushfire recovery.

The Fly Program will see over 60 men attend programs to promote and facilitate mental fitness support in the community

Established in 2013, the Fly Program encourages ‘serious conversation’ in a back-to-nature environment centred around fly fishing. Director Matt Trippet says casting a fly line by a river has been a life saver for his own mental health.

The Fly program is “a means to connect with Australian men and get them into the outdoors. We’re using this as an amazing pathway to talk about bigger issues.”

The Fly program now has several programs that transports participants into an amazing environment where they ride mountain bikes in remote locations, learn skills to cast a fishing line and connect with nature.

Fly Program Director Matthew Tripet accepts a $42,900 donation at The Daily Telegraph Bush Summit in Cooma on August 28, 2020. 

This year the NSW Department of Primary Industries invested nearly $60,000 into the Men in Flight program, money which has been used to subsidise fees.

"We have a program that's been evaluated by the University of Canberra that encourages men to get outdoors on a weekly basis and works with them to connect with other men, family and their communities," Matt told The Chronicle.

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