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Men invited to Have a Yack at new Hobart event

A group of powerhouse men’s organisations have thrown their might behind The Big Yack men’s health event next week.

Organiser Jake Snepvangers expects 200 men will turn up at the Mac2 to address some major challenges facing men.

“Isolation is one of the significant causes that we understand for male suicide,” said Brendan Sullivan from Men’s Resources Tasmania, co-hosts of the event with Movember Australia, The Empowered Man and Tasmen. “That’s epidemic in our community.”

The Big Yack will give men a chance to share their stories. “We don’t do that well in our culture,” added Brendan, speaking on WINNEWS Tasmania.

“I see this as an opportunity to foster healthy masculinity.” Attendees will learn new skills, for example, learning how to deal with a mate who says, ‘maybe I’m not okay.’

A dedicated website has been set up to promote the event on Saturday 14 November, from 10.30am-4pm at the Macquarie Wharf, Hobart.

A free beer and burger is included in the ticket price of $45 for a single (non-alcoholic options available).

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