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Men’s Health Awards 2021: Best Content Creator Shortlist

We are announcing the shortlists for the 2021 National Men’s Health Awards throughout Men's Health Week, starting June 14, 2021. First up is the Best Content Creator/Community Builder category. We have eleven nominees who have been shortlisted (see below).

In recent years there has been an explosion of online initiatives targeted at men and boys. We want to celebrate the great work of content creators and community builders, whose work aims to improve men and boys’ lives and health.

We’re talking about podcasters, social media channels and other online initiatives that are building a following, making a difference and even creating opportunities for real world connection. 

You are invited to vote on these shortlisted nominees and our panel of judges will take the public vote into account when making their final decisions, to be announced before the end of June.

Best Content Creator/Community Builder Award Shortlist: VOTE HERE

Australian Dads Network (WA)

The Australian Dads Network (ADN) was launched by Liam Sorrell in 2016 and currently has around 2,000 members online. ADN provides an online support group for Dads to connect with other Dads. A place for Dads to be themselves, ask questions and be counselled in a safe place by Dads who have walked that road before.

From family law to mental health, activities for kids to best types of protein snacks, ADN’s members share issues they are going through and seek to assist each other. ADN also aims to connect with network members offline. They are planning their first major in person event in Karratha, WA on the Gold Coast during Men's Health Week 2021 AND produced a series of 29 podcast episodes and they are planning a second series in 2022.

Black Dog Community (VIC)

Black Dog Community is a facebook community created by Brent Trotter from Geelong in 2017. The community has grown to more than 1,500 members and aims to be "a place where you can express your deepest darkest secrets without any judgement and express your emotions with positive, helpful feedback".

Brent says "If we all work together we can reduce the suffering and fight back to help those in need".

Hear Brent interviewed on the Ladies With Tradies podcast for International Men's Day:
Blokes United (VIC)

Blokes United is the brainchild of Richard Maloney, CEO of mental wellbeing training company, Quality Mind Global, and AFL stars Barry Hall and Shaun Higgins.The trio are passionate about improving men's mental health and set out to provide a safe and supportive space for men to openly communicate about their challenges and feelings.

Together they created the Blokes United Facebook forum as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to assist men to connect during the second Melbourne lockdown. The group grew rapidly and now has 24,000 members. During the peak of the lockdown, they ran weekly live zoom shows and online wellness classes.

The group attracted significant media attention, featuring on Channel 7 & Network 9, and in multiple newspapers and online forums. The Blokes United community continues to connect online and Richard says many men “comment that the support from Blokes United has brought them back from the brink of suicide and despair”.

You can view one of Blokes United’s zoom shows here:

Cecil’s Men’s Hub (Vic)

Paul Kefford has been involved in Men's Work since 2012 and has battled with long-term physical and mental health issues for 18 years. During this time he has launched two websites, which he says are designed “to help connect men with purpose and direction, to make a difference in their health and their lives”.

Paul produces a Men's Work Event Calendar that promotes a range of activities, a Yearly Men's Gatherings calendar and a Men’s Work and Men's Health Links page with links to 150 sites dedicated to helping Men.

Each month, Paul produces and distributes a 30+ page newsletter detailing 'What's Happening in Men's Work'. He also maintains a Men’s Group Directory to enable men to find their nearest men’s groups.

Paul’s work is delivered through two websites under the Cecil's Men's Hub brand - The Virtual Men's Gathering and the Worldwide Men's Group Directory.

Forging Excalibur (VIC)

Michael Lauria is a coach who has worked with men for around 15 years with a mission to support them through life's challenges, adversities and relationships.

In 2019, Michael launched his book, Forging Excalibur – Rediscover Your Masculinity, around which he has built a multi-platform community.

This includes around 70 podcast episodes, the Forging Excalibur YouTube channel, an Instagram page, a Facebook page and an App, which together have tens of thousands of followers.

Michael says that Forging Excalibur aims to teach men how to be at their very best as a partner, father, son, friend and man by cultivating an attitude of service and contribution within their families and communities and even worldwide.

Michael is currently training 10 Men who will become Certified Forging Excalibur coaches to expand the reach of his work.

Find out more at:

The Man That Can Project (QLD)

The Man That Can Project was founded by men's breakthrough coach Lachie Stuart in 2018 to build a global community of men who are empowered to be their best self.

Lachie says: "I have an ultimate vision to help men overcome the mental and emotional challenges that hold them back. 

“We believe that cultural conditioning must be broken in order for men to live an authentic life that gives them the freedom and happiness they desire. Our power to create real and authentic experiences for men to grow and expand - either online or in our live events, takes men on a journey like no other.”

Lachie has released more than 300 episodes of The Man That Can podcast, sharing real and raw conversations about some of the life challenges that men face.

Find out more here:

The Modern Bloke (VIC)

The Modern Bloke was created in 2019 by Sean Coffin to create education around men’s mental health, issues affecting men in society and how this relates to our culture.

Sean says his aim is to evolve and improve “bloke culture” through his Instagram page, podcast and Blokes 'N Brews Mental health workshops, holding conversations about “what it means to be a modern bloke in society”.

He says: “We believe in male empowerment and making sure blokes are supported in society. Using these mediums, we show Blokes how to have the conversations and build better connections with mates. What I love about this journey is the conversations with Men and Women all passionate about supporting Men.”

The Modern Bloke has approaching 4,000 followers on Instagram and produces a range of “I’m Showing Up” merchandise, with 20% of profits going to The Man Cave Australia. 

See The Modern Bloke on Instagram:

The Outback Mind (QLD)

The Outback Mind podcast was launched by Aaron Shultz in late January 2021 to provide men throughout regional Australia with real life stories of lived experience from others who have managed and overcome their own mental health challenges along with guests with specialised knowledge which can guide and support men to take a proactive approach with their wellbeing.

Aaron says: “Traditionally men have a reactive approach to their physical and mental health and generally do something about it when imbalance arises. The Outback Mind Podcast is an easily accessed platform where guys can get ideas to take control of their wellbeing, become self aware and inspire others in their communities to live more healthy, conscious and connected lives”.

Listen to the Outback Mind


TasDads is a dads group dedicated to promoting positive parenting, providing access to resources, and supporting Tasmanian fathers and father figures – expecting, new or seasoned. They work to provide a community for fathers to connect with each other, provide a platform, primarily through active and growing Facebook groups, for dads to connect with other dads, sharing their experiences and the ups and downs of parenting. The group also allows dads to find the right support services for them in times of difficulty.

They say: "Together we can improve men’s and family health, speak up and act against family violence, and help reduce social isolation and mental health issues associated with being a dad - some of which can sadly result in the breakdown of families or even end with suicide."

Find out more about TasDads:

The Penis Project

The Penis Project was launched by physiotherapist Jo Millios and Nurse Practitioner/Sexologist, Melissa Hadley Barrett, with the aim of providing a podcast series that links health, science and real stories of everyday men.

Jo and Melissa say: “We feel that there is a cultural shift happening. Men are happy to talk, but how and where do they start a conversation about problems in their private parts? At the pub? By the pool? On their push bike? Not likely! That’s why we have started The Penis Project.”

Their long-term objective is to reduce the stigma and reluctance of males to seek help for issues of their private parts and to create a conversation that is safe, accessible and inclusive to all generations.

Launched in September 2020, the podcast has had 19,000 downloads of its 38 episodes.

Find out more at:

Young Blood – Men’s Health Matters (SA)

Callum MacPherson launched his video podcast, 'Young Blood - Men’s Health Matters', after losing a close mate to suicide in 2019 and recognising the need to create more opportunities for young men to talk openly about what they go through.

Young Blood has been created as a preventative health strategy that serves as a platform for young men from all walks of life to share their stories of lived experience, contributing to breaking the stigma that men don't talk about their struggles or show their emotions.

Callum says that a major risk factor for male suicide is men being made to feel alone and like no one understands what they're going through. His podcast aims to change this.  

Young Blood has release more that 60 episodes, reaching over 5.5 million people.

The podcast won the Silver Award for Best Wellbeing Podcast at the Australian Podcast Awards 2020.

Find out more here:




Two men’s mental health hubs open in WA
In an exciting collaboration between Mens Talk Au and the Mental Health Commission of Western Australia, two Katitjin Blue Mind Hubs have opened in Busselton and Scarborough, tailored to meet the unique needs of men living in the community. 
11 June 2024

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