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Men’s Health TV hits the airwaves during Men’s Health Week

This week - Men’s Health Week (15 -  21 Sunday 21 ) – sees the launch of a new online platform for men called Men’s Health TV.

Men’s Health TV makes it easy for men to access great talks and conversations focused on improving the lives and health of men and boys, in their homes and workplaces.

It’s run by the Australian Men’s Health Forum and will be broadcast live on Facebook throughout the week and feature a range of programs including:

  • The Blokes Healthy Lunchbox
  • Talking Men’s Mental Health
  • Blokes on the couch
  • The men’s circle meet-up

Men’s Health TV launches at 12 noon AEST on Monday 15 June with the first episode of The Blokes Health Lunchbox featuring workplace talks from MATES In Construction and the OzHelp Foundation.

Later in the day at 5pm AEST, the Men’s Circle Meet-up gathers for the first time bringing together:

  • Mikey Lee, Island Of Men
  • Lachlan Stuart, The Man That Can
  • John Moulang, NSW Men's Health and Wellbeing
  • Dr Tony Webb - a regular at Tasmen gatherings 

You can tune into Men’s Health TV throughout out the week by following the channel on Facebook at:


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