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Men’s Resources Tasmania seeks funding for male-focused health programs

Men’s Resources Tasmania will hold a special vigil on the lawns of Parliament House from 7pm on August 23, calling on the Tasmanian Government to fund a multi-faceted campaign addressing male suicide prevention and to improve male health outcomes in the state. 

The 24/7 Men vigil is “for our brothers, partners, dads, sons and mates lost to suicide.”

MRT say male health remains a neglected priority and “we urge the Tasmanian government to consider our proposals,” which includes leading a male-focused health promotion.

“Tasmania experiences some of the poorest male health outcomes in Australia, being regularly on the wrong end of the tables for the number of deaths from heart disease, cancer, suicide, and workplace accidents to name but a few,” say MRT, citing statistics highlighted in a 2019 Tasmanian men’s Health Report Card compiled by the Australian Men’s Health Forum.

“We also know that expenditure on male-focused outcomes tend to focus on gaols, police and justice-related responses.

“Men’s sheds are about the only activity that is preventative in nature.”

 MRT would use funding to develop male-friendly resources, training and promotions, and to advocate with male perspectives on community issues and policies that affect men and boys, such as a Male Suicide Prevention strategy.

They also promise to convene a Tas Men’s Health Network and coordinate distribution of information and facilitate connection and collaboration between key organisations working to improve the lives of men and boys in Australia, such as Mate4mates, RAW, Tasmen and Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association.

In addition to the 7pm vigil on August 23, MRT is inviting people to share their stories of loss over a 24-hour period at the Parliament House Lawns between 5pm on Aug 23 – 6pm on Aug 24.

They will hold a media conference from 11.30am to 12.30pm on Aug 24 at the same location.

For more information, to make a donation and/or download shareable graphics to support the vigil visit:

 DOWNLOAD: Tas Men's Health Card Report 2019 (AMHF) 


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