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Men’s Tables Having Significant Impact in Men’s Lives Reports annual survey

An annual survey on the impact Men’s Tables are having on participants shows an overwhelming benefit for men choosing to meet regularly over a meal to support one another.

The 2023 Men’s Table Impact Study outlines the motives for men joining a table and the benefits for themselves and those close to them.


Most men (39%) join a table for friendship and connection, followed by 16% looking for a place for a real conversation.

With Tables now established in every Australian State and Territory, 85% of participants say their Table meets their needs.

One in two men reported a lived experience of suicide. In addition, three out of four men said they could share and be vulnerable at Tables; three out of four men reported improved connection and friendship, and half reported increased community participation.

More than half the men surveyed were aged between 46 and 65, but a strong cohort joined, 66-75 (23%) and 36-45 (13%).

A whopping 90% reported an improvement in their relationships due to joining a Table, and 43% of women connected to a male participant said the man in their life was more emotionally available.

The first step to joining a Men’s Table is to attend an Entrée, which can be done online or in person. Find out more.


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