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Movember launches new Men's Health Institute

Global men's health charity Movember is launching a new Men's Health Institute operating across its four main markets (Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US), with an initial investment of $100 million over five years. The Institute will be headed by Melbourne-based Professor Simon Rice, who has been appointed Global Director of The Institute. 

Some of the key functions of the Institute will include:

  • Research and evidence: Movember says the Institute will build evidence of what works in men’s health with a strong emphasis on implementing this in the real world.
  • Building sector capacity: The Institute aims to raise the profile of men's health and to develop a collective impact agenda to enhance the lives of men and boys worldwide.
  • Building human capital: The Institute aims to fast-track the next generation of men's health researchers and leaders to accelerate improvements in health outcomes. In addition, it will seek to strengthen the capacity within communities to support healthier men in these communities.
  • Influencing change: Movember wants to see the Institute's research outcomes lead to tangible improvements in men's health. It will put men’s health on the agenda of national and international health agencies.
  • Knowledge translation:The Institute aims to disseminate effective strategies for enhancing men's health by generating evidence and translating it into actionable, scalable solutions that tackle men's health challenges.
The announcement was welcomed by a number of leading organisations in the men's health sector including the Australian Men’s Health Forum (AMHF).
Glen Poole, CEO of AMHF said: 
“We welcome Movember’s plans to invest $100 million over the next five years into the newly launched Movember Men’s Health Institute and extend our warm congratulations to Professor Simon Rice in his new role as Global Director of The Institute.”


Two men’s mental health hubs open in WA
In an exciting collaboration between Mens Talk Au and the Mental Health Commission of Western Australia, two Katitjin Blue Mind Hubs have opened in Busselton and Scarborough, tailored to meet the unique needs of men living in the community. 
11 June 2024

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