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New Push4Men fundraiser to push off in June

The Australian Men’s Health Forum is excited to host a new fundraiser that will push the power of staying strong to prevent men’s heart disease.  

Push4Men runs over 10 days starting on 9 June when fundraisers will be attempting to complete 40 Push-Ups a day.

Why Push-Ups? Because they help people stay strong and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Research shows that men who can do 40 push-ups are up to 10 times less likely to get heart disease than men who can’t.

As heart disease is the biggest killer of men and women, taking 50 lives a day, AMHF is pushing the power of staying strong in the Push4Men 10-day challenge.

All money raised by Push4Men will be invested by AMHF in improving men’s health.

“Launching Push4Men is an exciting step for AMHF, said AMHF CEO, Glen Poole.

“As a charity we are constantly challenged to find new ways to fund our important work. Push4Men gives people a new way to raise money for men’s health work and improve their own health at the same time.  

“Taking part in the Push4Men Challenge will also help raise awareness about men’s heart health – a message we want to make sure everyone hears as we celebrate Men’s Health Week in June.”

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 People who take part in Push4Men can opt to complete their push-ups in a number of ways and raise funds as an individual or in a team.

Level 1 is called Have-A-Go-Hero, aimed at those who want to build their push-up capacity slowly or modify the traditional push-up to a version more manageable.

The Living Legend will be attempting 400 push-ups, or 40 a day over 10 days. If they are in a team, they can do 40 push-ups each or spread them out over the group.

Men’s Health Warriors like to push boundaries, and may opt to complete more than 40 a day or mix it up with more advanced push-ups, for example with one arm behind their back.

The sparkling new Push4Men website has a long list of push-up suggestions and bucketloads of resources to help participants share their Push4Men journey and solicit donations.

View: Social Media Toolkit

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