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New website for tradies educates about drug usage

A new website launched this month in time for Tradies National Health Month which educates tradies about the impact of drugs. 

The Trade Facts website lays out the facts about drug usage including common effects, how long drugs last, testing, helping out mates and what happens when you mix substances.

The site is laid out in a clean, factual, and visually accessible way.

It lists out common drugs like Cannabis, Alcohol, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Ketamine, LSD, MDMA, Opiods, Nangs (nitrous oxide) and Methamphetamine – and the other names they are called.

The site outlines how each drug makes the user feel, what the drug does to their body, how long it lasts in the body and the risk of mixing each substance with other drugs.

It also reminds Tradies of how they can look after themselves (and mates) when coming down from a drug, and where they can get tested. 

The website shows tradies how to notice a mate in strife and where to get support. 

It is hosted by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation and partner Hope Assistance Local Tradies.

The Australian Physio Association is also marking August's National Tradies Health Month with a reminder to prioritise physical health with a physio toolkit that can be shared on social channels. 

APA highlights 2019 research that claims 60% of tradies experience aches and pains as part of their job. 

"The average time off work due to serious workplace injury is 5-6 weeks, which is time many tradies simply can’t afford," says APA

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