New You Got This Mate website supports rural men's mental health

Rural Adversity Mental Health Program has launched a new website ‘You Got This Mate’ specifically designed to support blokes in regional and rural communities.

The point of the website is to allow men to ask for help online, and for their parents and family and carers to get assistance.

Launching the site, NSW Minister for Mental Health Bronnie Taylor pointed out the extremely difficult year rural families have experienced in 2020, starting with drought, bushfires and leading into the current coronavirus pandemic, and unprecedented economic and social hardship. 

“We will get through this because we are resilient and we can do it but we need to do it together," she said. 

RAMHP worked with rural men to develop material for the website, and provides practical tips and information about how and when to take action when it comes to mental health.

Featuring videos of men sharing their stories about their own journey and struggles with mental health, You Got This Mate also connects men to the best possible care in their local area. There’s also some great info if you’re worried about someone else and aren’t sure how to help.

RAMHP Ambassador Gus Worland (Gotcha4Life) is promoting the website with the message that “RAMHP is here for you.”

“Make sure you check in with your mates and look after each other,” he implores. “Give each other a cuddle, be vulnerable, be open and be honest.”



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