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Men’s Health Awards 2022

Voting has closed for the 2022 Men’s Health Awards presented by the Australian Men’s Health Foundation.

These awards date back to 2013 and are an opportunity to celebrate the fantastic work being done in Australia from diverse sections of the community to improve the lives of men and boys.

This year, there are five new categories. A National winner will be selected from a panel of experts at AMHF under each category and a State/Territory winner awarded by “People’s Choice” based on public votes.

Winners will be announced in mid-July, 2022, keep a look out for exact dates. 

The categories are:

Best Men’s Mental Health Project: This category celebrates work being done offline and online across the men’s health sector. As 1 in 2 men will have a mental disorder in their lifetime and 3 in 4 suicides are male, it is critical to talk about the issues impacting so many men and shine a light on what is being done to improve their mental health and well-being.

Men’s Health Leaders: This category is open to groups and individuals taking a lead in the men’s health sector and making a difference through their commitment, passion and approach to building a better future for men and boys.  

Getting Men Moving: A growing number of projects in men’s health have recognised the power of reaching men through sport and exercise. Not only do they improve men’s physical health, but there are clear benefits to men’s mental and social health. This award is an opportunity to take stock of the great initiatives that are helping men and boys move. The winner in this category will also win a prize of $1,000 thanks to a generous donation from Bulk Nutrients.

Contribution to Men’s Work:  The longest journey of any person is the journey inward. The unsung heroes in men’s health honour man’s search for meaning and connection through the work they do in personal development and bringing men together at special gatherings and men’s circles.

Indigenous Men’s Health: AMHF is building a team of Aboriginal Health Workers funded under the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander scholarship scheme who will play a key role in voting for the winner of this award, which celebrates projects and people who are making difference in Indigenous Men’s Health.


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