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One thing men can do to support International Women's Day

On Friday 8 March International Women’s Day will celebrate women’s achievements and calls for action to advance gender parity.

It’s also a day when misogynists the world over will gather on social media to yell “what about men?” with enough volume to drown out those who care to mention that, “erm, there’s an International Men’s Day too you know?”

If you’re a man and you want to show your support for women and girls on International Women’s Day this year, one thing we can all do is follow the advice of Julie Bishop, the most senior female politician in Liberal Party history, and simply “support a cause that supports women”.

For those who aren't sure which to choose from or where to start, we've compiled a list for your consideration.

And if you're thinking, "yes, but what about men?" well the answer is obvious: put a note in your diary now to support a cause that supports men on International Men’s Day, on 19 November. 

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